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Full Version: Mobil friendly?
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I was just wondering why I can't scroll all the way to the right... Is this because I'm on a cellphone, & not a computer? I cant see the last word on each line in the posts.
you should be able to slide the screen to the left to see the text on your right, that's what I have to do sometimes. Heart
Same problem here, can't see all the way to the right from my iPad...any fix?



I see it too, on my Galaxy S7 Edge, using the mobile version of Firefox, no way to see the small bit that's cut off on the right margin. No biggie, but if it's noticed by enough people perhaps it'll be addressed.
Try using landscape.
Dang, Jackie! What a simple idea! and double-dang....it is still doing it in landscape...

[UPDATE] I just tried viewing this forum on my galaxy s7 edge using the Chrome browser and got the same result, so it's not a Firefox thing .
Lol. I think I know the solution to all your troubles. You're most likely using the default setting to view the forum so here we go girls; scroll all the way down to the bottom and on the bottom right you'll see a box that says 'default'. Tap that and it takes you to 'quick theme settings' now choose 'Janet's' and you should have no more difficulties.
Wow Jackie you're right! VoilĂ ...glitch gone...although...I did like the overall look better in the default view, so I might switch back...

or not...I'm too sleepy to think, so...goodnight! (and thank you Jackie for figuring that out)
You're welcome Kel. I got to thinking that you must be using the default view. I switched to Janet's as soon as I joined.Good night to you and pleasant dreams. I look forward to talking with you later. I'm at work right now but I wish I was in my comfy bed. Lol.
Ha! Lucky you Jackie getting to work midnights (AND being abke to post from work) ?
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