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Full Version: Gaffs
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iOS there a gaff with butt enhancing padding?  Like many guys, this girl has no butt lol
Thanks Colleen. What an evening. Me , my wife, her/ our bff spent the past few hours drinking and swimming. I basically mentioned dressing me up a girl...they both play this internet game which is about dressing Girls up for points...Covet I think it's called. I mention instead of wasting time dressing up a make believe person, why not dress me up. Well they laughed but I saw real quick my wife was not going to buy into me crossdressing...so dam! I guess I'm stuck in the closet. I'm going to call JC and see if I can order some stuff to start my desired trek. I wish it was easier to just be myself! I think I could sit down and talk to our friend and trust her not to say anything but just don't know.........