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Full Version: Princess Tiffany - Janet's Office Girl Top (Shirt)
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I would LOVE it if you guys sold the Janet's Office Girl Top (Shirt) (SKU #: HEN-0209) in various colors instead of just white! I would LOVE to have this very same shirt in red, light pink, and black. When i had my schoolgirl transformation, i brought my own top (shirt) that was long sleeved and button up. But when i checked out this shirt (Janet's Office Girl) while i was in the store, i noticed that it was kinda form fitting and had stretch ability to it. But ultimately, was the PERFECT shirt to complete my schoolgirl outfit look.

I have a red, light pink, and black mini tennis skirts but would LOVE to have matching color tops. i LOVE the white shirt that i bought while i was there, very good decision. I am not getting my hopes up for such a request to be honored, but if you guys EVER get these shirts in numerous colors, especially the colors i seek, LEMME KNOW!! I will buy that shit up extra quick, ALL 3! I know i need to buy me a longer black tennis skirt, as the one i bought awhile ago is the VERY short mini. I need a 1024 so i am appropriate/proper when in public lol.
If you guys honor this request, shoot me an email or respond to this thread! If the request cannot be honored, oh well...bummer.

-Princess Tiffany Heart
Well it looks like my request will soon be honored! I was chatting with the staff via email last week about ordering myself another one of Janet's Office Girl Shirts and i mentioned this thread i created and the various colors i seek. Well....here is the response i got back.....

"Hi Tiffany!
We will definitely let you know if we get those shirts in! It would probably take a year to send out samples and have the shirt made, when we get it made we will have it made in multiple colors! We do get a lot of clothes made for us so that we can get them in larger sizes and made to our sizing." -Dani

So i wait!

Princess Tiffany Heart