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Full Version: My first time
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I started wearing my big sister's and my mom's clothes when i was 6. By the time I was 12 I knew very well how to walk in heels. I started taking hormones when i was 15 but 2 years earlier, My sister's boyfriend caught me trying on my sisters dress. He liked what he saw so he decided to seduce me. The first time I only went down on him but a week later he pounded me really hard. It hurt a little but I was so wet that I really enjoyed it.

I will be a full post op tg girl in 9 months.

I'm a 24yo french Natural blonde, 6 feet, 145lbs. 36C 24 37. great natural tan!

I dress discrete and don't wear a lot of make up. discrete yet sexy! i wear size 0. Love to make my man feel desired and worshiped. role playing, going out for dinner, i'm open to all possibilities.

Love your post. I didn`t have my first experience being a girl for a man until my 50tys. never too late I guess.
Enjoyed reading your post . I would say I'm 49 and a virgin , not sure if that's good or bad .
Wow, You're so lucky. I've been "dressing" and bi forever but must keep it totally discrete. It must feel beautiful to be "out there" luv ya Cheri xoxo
I had a boyfriend at age 15, but I didn't have the ultimate experience of becoming a woman till I be came 17.