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You girls are so lucky to be right around the corner from Janet's! Enjoy your meeting & let us all know how it went...
(11-22-2016, 04:31 PM)manomanbaby Wrote: [ -> ]You girls are so lucky to be right around the corner from Janet's! Enjoy your meeting & let us all know how it went...

What a nice day. I stopped by Janet's and as prearranged, I had the great pleasure in meeting Heather. She was partially dressed and the great staff at Janet's was assisting him with his wardrobe. We sat on the couch in the lobby area and got to talk for a little bit. I didn't want to take too much of her time since the girls were assisting him. I know if we had the time, we could have probably have talked for hours. She was so pleasant to talk too and I admit that all the gurls that go to Janet's are of good nature. I would like to have stayed to see what Heather would have looked like when they were all done with her getting made up. She was looking hot already.... Heather gave me nice compliments and I am glad I wasn't a disapointment toe her. I think she like how I looked. I wore my school girl mini skirt, black silky top, and a nice vinyl black jacket, hi heels, brunette wit, brest forms, a little lip stick, jewerly, ankle bracelet, and my bare silky tanned legs. I did get the pleasure of Heather as we stood up and my back towards her to get a little under the skirt ass squeeze.... I tell you, her hands on my little ass felt incredible and I am sure she like what she felt too. If I wasn't at Janet's, I probably would have turned around and got a different little feel..... LOL... Anyway, it was a great day.
A few shots from yesterday attached. These were with phone, so not the greatest of quality.

Lorren  Heart Heart Heart
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Going up to Intimate Ideas tomorrow around 5 to 5.30 pm. after a meeting a I have. I will be wearing the same outfit I had today. If you up to it, stop in.... Lots of great stufff there. Google it, it is on Telegraph by Goddard in Taylor.  OOO, I got goose bumps when you reached under my skirt today to get a little ass feel.... Could feel a little further......
Lorren was a bad girl today,,, she just might need a little spanking.


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What happened to you. Haven't heard from you since we met at Janet's. How did your day go at Janet's after I left? Sure would like to hear back from you. I really enjoyed our little talk.


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