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Full Version: Sexual preference when I'm femm
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Top,bottom or versatile?when in femm mode
It seems to me it should be a function of what you and the person you're with is comfortable with .I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to your question .I'm not sure if this helps you since I'm 49 and a virgin .
Well,I was married for 26 yrs.to the most wonderful woman, who knew and was going to help me transition. Before she passed, she told me shoped that I would find a man to love and care for. And between her and my new boyfriend I consider myself as bi. And as far as intimacy between you and your partner, go with how you feel.
I`m a bi top when dressed, completely straight when i`m not dressed.
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I consider myself straight when not dressed, but when all dressed up in my mini skirt and all, I am a 100% bottom, cock craving slut.  Heart
As a guy, I don't look at men.

As Jodie........... I want to be a woman for a man. To pleasure him in any way he wants
I like it all
(08-31-2016, 06:54 AM)prettypaigemarie Wrote: [ -> ]I like it all

DITTO Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation 

Nicole  Heart
LOL, don't get me wrong: if a woman came on to me, while I was dressed, I definitely accept.
Or a guy......
or another gurl.........

Just a girl who wants to make people feel good & have fun
I've been married twice. I have dressed since age 12. I enjoy feeling and looking as feminine as possible. I was straight and had sex only with women until my 30s, and then begin going to bookstores and theaters. I had my first experience with a man in an adult theater. I liked that feeling that a man was attracted to me . Also my first wife performed anal penetration on me with her finger and it felt good so I thought I would enjoy it with a man. Now when I am dressed I enjoy being with certain men and also enjoy girls like us. I am still a virgin but definitely want to be penetrated by a man. I enjoy pleasuring and pleasing a man.
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