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Hello, all. I'm Gigi. Let me say up front that each and all of you have been an inspiration to me. So much I had kept inside is now steadily seeping outward. Looking back, I've loved the touch and texture of silk and satin as a little boy, loved adoring my older sister's girlfriends with their flowing hair and dewy skin (cheerleaders, all, sigh). But it's only been by connecting to other CDs that I've felt....proud of my inner Gigi. 
So, thank you. Now let me progress to my point: I'm having quite a bit of frustration ridding myself of chest hair. Legs, no problem. Silky smooth and gorgeous courtesy of Veet cream (a must in my cabinet now). But it's all redness and burn and bumps on my chest. Shaving and waxing have never been kind to me. Anyone out in this lovely universe have a 'secret' process for this? I'm quite fortunate to have a stylist/skincare friend, Julie, help me as I open up, but we've both been frustrated by this one little thingie. 
Heart Heart  - Gigi

Hmmm...i dunno if i can be of much help but it looks as if you have a sensitive skin issue. Perhaps applying balm or some kind of cream to your chest area after shaving will eliminate the razor bumps and redness. What kind of stuff to apply is unknown to me, but have heard about it back in the days when i shaved my face\neck with a razor. Razor blades are NEVER kind to my neck region. After shaving with blades from my teens to mid 20's, i switched to an electric shaver and now my neck doesn't look like i was shaving blind folded and while intoxicated lol.

In my mind 20's, i started shaving my body with a blade and was murder on my legs. My legs were AMAZINGLY perfect, with the exception of a couple nicks, but ONLY for 24 hours. After the 24 hour mark, well...they started looking like something out of a horror movie lol. And that lasted for a couple weeks. When i shave with a blade, i go AGAINST the hairs. Sure, the shave it closer but later can cause problems as the hair grows out. In my case, not good.

I am not into waxing for 2 reasons. One, i am not a full-time or even a part-time CD and two, that's a bit painful lol. Sure it's worth it, but i will pass.  I don't shave my body on a regular basis, prefer being a guy like 95% of the time. Waaaaaay too much maintenance to be feminine on a daily basis.

Though my legs are very sensitive to a blade, like my neck, surprisingly i have had no issues on any of my transformation outings of 2016. It all really depends on the skin type of the person, what products are used for shaving, and how the method of shaving is performed. When i shaved my legs, and body, before heading out for my transformation, i would always use a BRAND NEW HIGH QUALITY blade and women's gel shaving cream...the good stuff. Before i even shave, i use a hair trimmer with a setting of 0 to buzz off the long hairs then i proceed with shaving. When i shave, i do my VERY BEST on every shave with 1 PASS! Two or more passes can definitely lead to irritation issues i.e. razor bumps\redness\etc. In the 1 pass, i always go against the hairs to get as close as possible. And even after the 24 hour mark, my legs are fine. So obviously, i am doing something right. Also, rinse the blade after EVERY single pass and DO NOT RUSH IT!

Don't skimp on quality when it comes to shaving products. Buy that expensive blade, NOT disposable. Avoid using foam shaving cream, get the BEST and most expensive high quality women's GEL shaving cream that provides the highest lubrication. Trying to recall from memory, i think i used s... ..kin/\tim?at'e's (coded) brand gel shaving cream and i think i used Gilllllll et%te M(a)ch 3 or 4 (coded) blades.

If you are looking for something more permanent, there is always electrolysis or laser. It is an expensive process, but it is permanent. You could try using an electric shaver, see how that works for you. I have personally never tried it, not interested. If you decide using an electric shaver on your body, use a hair trimmer, setting 0, to buzz down the hairs to an acceptable length before using the shaver.

Understand that what I have stated that works for me, MAY NOT work for you. You can give it a shot and see how it turns out for you. If the information I have provided (paragraph’s 4 and 5) really does work for you, as it does for me, then great!

Princess Tiffany Heart
Welcome Gigi! Tiffany has given some great advice, so all I can add is that I use NAIR hair removal lotion with baby il. The only time I had a problem with it was when I rubbed it into the skin & then left it on too long. Gave myself a nice little chem burn for a day or three. But if you follow the directions ( and try it on a small section of your body first) you shouldn't have any issues. And, they have a spray on version for those hard to reach areas.
Good morning ladies,
I'd like to throw my two cents worth in here. I have not read all of the above.

I recently bought one of those miniature clippers at Walmart.  (hair trimmer electric rechargeable) It was only like $16 and it did a fine job of removing the bulk of the hair on my breast.  I have to say it does not pinch the skin of you use it carefully. I would think this clipper could be used on my privates too.  I just have to find a good friend to do it. I little powder should fix any skin irritation.  Heart   Enjoy your life Gurls
Hello, Ladies. Use a combination of electrics and blades here. Tried some Nair stuff a while back, but it was irritating. Have been looking at laser devices, and came across one that I might try. trysensica.com has a unit for $150 that may be useful. Most of the other ones out there are $260 to $400. Not sure what salons charge. Everyones skin sensitivity is different, so no magic solution will work for all. Suppose that the number of times you intend to be stepping-out can determine how much to spend. The T-Girls that Dress Everyday get to do the Most Hair Removal Work ! Smile Blessings.. Toni G..
Girls, I use Magic shaving powder from wal-mart. It is made for black guys to stop razor bumps.
so gentle that you can use it on your breast,legs or that private area. leaves skin soft and smooth.

less than $3.00.
Hi Gigi,
I have started posting my experience on the laser treatment I am going through for my face and neck.  I have a separate posting for this in the Janets Lounge forum.  I just completed my second treatment yesterday Wednesday and I am encouraged by what I am experiencing after only two treatments.  My sideburn area and side of face are feeling smoother.  The laser tech said that I will really notice the difference after the 4th treatment when I will significantly lose much of my moustache hair and beard (meaning no more beard/moustache shadow when I apply my makeup...yea!!!).  I was advised that it will take 7 to 10 treatments to totally eliminate all hair PERMANENTLY.   My total cost for all this lasering is $2,170.00   Yes it is expensive but so worth it to me.  I have no idea what it will cost to laser a chest.  I go to Milan Laser Hair Removal.  I believe they have offices all over the US.  Their consultation is free and definitely worthwhile but I would think any laser place's consultation is free but best to ask up front.  I am even contemplating doing my chest as well.  Because of skin pigmentation, laser treatment does not work on Latinos or Blacks.  They told me in the consultation to do NO TANNING BOOTHS or TANNING OUTSIDE.  Otherwise you will impede the laser process.  Also, I am an older gurl at 61 years of age.  I have some grey hair.  The laser process will not work on grey/white hair.  There has to be hair pigmentation within the hair follicle.  I was told this and so I knew this going forward.  I have plenty of dark hair to make the laser process worthwhile to me.  But I will probably seek out electrolysis after the lasering is done so I can remove those remaining grey hairs on my chin.
3 years ago I decided to take the plunge and get permanent hair removal. I started with Laser and went with full body hair removal. Each session cast me $200.00. The sessions were spaced about 5 weeks apart to allow the growth of hair for treatment. OMG it hurt!! especially on face, underarms and delicate areas. I tried various numbing creams but none seemed to work very well. It took about 5 treatment before significant progress was visible. My face was a little beat up for a day or two after each treatment, but this subsided over time as there were less hairs to treat.

I don't know the exact numbers but only a small (20%) of hairs are active and able to be treated at a time. For my body, It took about 2 1/2 years to get to the point where to hair was so sparse Laser did not seem necessary any more.

About 3 months after starting Laser treatment I started to get Electrolysis mainly on my face to remove the lighter/grey hair which the laser cannot remove. I have weekly treatments at a cost of $65.00 per session. For about the past 8 months the technician usually clears my facial hair with enough time to clear up the stray hairs from my chest or under arms, and I am also having her shape my eyebrows.

The process has been long, expensive, and PAINFUL, but OMG has it been worth it !!!!! Smile Smile Smile My ONLY regret is not doing this years ago.

If you are interested in permanent hair removal make sure the technician knows what they are doing.

My technician is Sherry DeWilde Gentle Touch Electrolysis & Laser at Sola Salon Birmingham MI (284) 499-0130.

She is AWESOME!!! And highly skilled and knows her business!!

Hope this is helpful

Like Anne, I too have gone the laser path first, and like Anne, being older, laser doesn't work so well on grey hair. So I have now moved to electrolysis. I just had my first visit/consultation yesterday. That too will take awhile, but to not have hair on my face will make it worth it. And I have read that "electrolysis is the only FDA approved treatment for permanent hair removal". You ca take it however you wish. Hell, if beating myself senseless with a rubber chicken would permanently remove all my body hair, I wouldn't be her writing this, but beating myself senseless. With the rubber chicken..... Jeez gurls. Love ya, Michelle Heart Heart
I can't swear to this objectively, but the more I've shaved my upper chest and pits the less stubbly the regrowth seems to be. Maybe a factor of lower T levels as I approach 66. Definitely less folliculitis as my skin adapts to being shaved (though that bikini area certainly has persistent red bumps now that I've gotten more persistent down there).
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