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Full Version: Princess Tiffany - Mobile Transformation Booth
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Ok so i have an idea here. Ok so it has nothing to do with the website nor is it technically an "item", more of a service. So here's my idea....

Mobile Transformation Booth:

Why not offer an off-site transformation service? Instead of us coming to you, especially for those that can't for various reasons, why not have you come to us! This service may be a good service to provide for gurls both who are afraid to go to JC or due to distance of travel for various reasons. Not to mention also very convenient too. Gurls can schedule an appointment for one of Janet's transformation artists to arrive at a given location. I would recommend that Janet uses a vehicle that is large enough to accommodate 3 people comfortably so if the customer wishes, can have the transformation done inside the vehicle should there be no other place to have the transformation at. And also that the vehicle be painted a solid color and un-marked too. It would be a mobile transformation booth.

Now i can understand that providing this kind of service would actually cost more than going to JC for a transformation, such as surcharges for fuel, mileage, etc. I am sure that some gurls, if not all, wouldn't mind spending a little more for such a service. Depending on a gurls situation, it may very well be worth every penny. Also, if a gurl schedules for an off-site transformation and purchases items from the webstore, such items would be delivered same day of the scheduled transformation.

Think about it. I don't know about everyone else, but i think it's an AWESOME idea. I know i would be a customer of this type of service that's for sure! It is something to think about. It’s just an idea I came up with earlier today and will see if it takes off.

What do you gurls think? Have any objections to this idea? If so, address them. If you think it's a good idea, care to share as to why?

Princess Tiffany Heart