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Full Version: More Active Moderation from the Admins.....
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I copied & pasted this from the forum front page.  If not a more active moderator team, then perhaps some form of verification is needed to prevent so many spammers from gaining access to the site would be an option.  It really is a bit depressing to log on, see 20+ new posts, and 19 of them are spam.

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I agree! I am surprised to see this thread you created as i actually thought about posting all this info up myself, thread title name: WOW. I was blown away to see all those user accounts listed when i popped in on 01\01. Yes, some clean-up work needs to be done for sure. Some old threads that are known as meat still exist, have not been removed.

As for your idea of implementing a verification procedure for all new users, it's a good idea but costs $$$. Not too mention to have a privacy issue at hand as well. Whatever the verification process may be, it cannot go too far. Captcha is good, so is email verification too. These processes are widely used and everyone knows about 'em. (-S) + M = S (coded) verifications are NOT a good idea. Though this may be a very good preventative measure, it can pose a serious privacy issue and may even turn gurls away from creating an account. There are plenty of other verification processes. I have several in mind, but won't share them with the web cause i think it's a joke when people steal (copy) my ideas and make bank off of them.

At the very least, the moderator\administrator, should sign in once every 2 days to check on things. It's funny to see all these account created used the birth date of new years day lol.

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And the hits just keep on coming....


They keep hitting us, i keep hitting them. I will admit it does get a bit annoying to see it, even when it starts piling up. But just as relentless as they are to post BULLSHIT, i am just as relentless as r3p 00 r ting it (coded)!! It's becoming quite the daily routine lol. Wake up, get myself a coffee, light up a cig, hop online and make my rounds. But my schedule is sparatic so i hit 'em up various times per day. Spending up to 5 minutes just making rounds each time. Soooooooooooooo many i have r3p 00 r TED (coded).

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Ok so first off, i am gonna quote you JodieLynne by starting off by saying....

"Ya know......."

Lol. Sorry i just had to, NO offense if any taken. But SERIOUSLY...this FUCKING "meat" (coded) shit HAS TO STOP!!!! I mean...ENOUGH IS A FUCKING NUFF! I have noticed a pattern. I alert JC, they "do work" in the elimination of the B.S., then almost a week later...just like a fucking cockroach...it comes back again! Same frequency, FULL FORCE. I just don't have the time to sit here and spend upwards of 20 minutes reeeep00rt ing (coded) all of that shit. To be honest, i am sacrificing my precious little free time now just typing this message when i should be taking care of more important stuff. But i am just a tad bit annoyed, so i have to address it.

I mean... the "meater's" (coded) are literally taking a shit on the forum! Well not literally lol. But i will say this...i have an idea, a process that i may execute soon if i find that there is NO regular maintenance schedule set and followed in the removal of the B.S. I mean...someone has to do something and just r3p0rt ing it is NOT effective enough. Though i think my idea is stupid and am against it, it is effective and will buy the staff at JC more time as i am sure they are just too busy.

I wanna sit and think more about the execution of my idea, process, before i implement it. Let it marinate on my brain for a little bit. My idea, if i choose to execute, poses ZERO THREAT to any\all users both in security and privacy! I will think about my idea a little more first, alert JC of the meat (coded) B.S. in here again, and see if there is a regular maintenance schedule that occurs on a regular basis. If no such schedule is detected, then i will implement my idea...if i decide to do so. My idea abides to the rules\regulations, i believe, but it is most certainly effective and beneficial for all in buying time till JC can take care of the mess up in here.

No...i choose NOT to place meater's (coded) on my ignore list! Though i may not see there bullshit, new meater's (coded) are registering everyday and actual guests, those who do not possess an account, can actually see EVERYTHING. Including the B.S. so what's the point?

Anyways, like i said, i wanna think a bit more before i take a step first. Will see what happens.

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