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Full Version: Cleavage Creator For Tiny People
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I'm a small person with a chest size of about 32'. I would like to purchase a cleavage creator, especially since they are on sale but the smallest size is 35'. Do you think this could still work for me? Or do you think I'm so small it wouldn't be worth it?
The one available on Janet's catalog. Here's a link:  https://janetscloset.com/product/cleavage-creator/

But since you mention the nubra bra. Would you mind clearing up something for me. I'm aware that there is some adhesive, some stickiness necessary for it to pull the skin. Does the tackiness run out quickly? Would you suggest buying a spray adhesive for reuse? And then there is always the fear of getting rashes because of it and wasting what little bit of money I have. I think way too much haha!
Thank you!
(01-12-2017, 06:08 PM)lisarayes Wrote: [ -> ]If you can name specifically which type of cleavage creator you have seen then I would be able to answer accurately. The nubra bra is my favorite and it fits perfectly. After connecting claps, you wont feel that you have ordered a over sized bra.


I would like to throw my 2cents into the conversation if I may. I saw 2 styles, both black and both looked quite feminine. Unfortunately my chest size is not approximately 40 1/2 inches... believe it or not, that is actually down almost 1 full inch. I have been on HRT now since Sept. 28th and it is working. Unfortunately both of the two styles fell just short of being able to fit me. There is one other style that you carry, a white thing, that would fit but is not to my liking. It looks like something from a surgical supply outlet and from the pic it also appears that it might 'show' underneath a nice garment.

Is there any chance that you might be able to provide something both feminine and able to fit up to a 41" chest? If not, another alternative is if you might be able to provide me with info on where to shop this?

Love Janet's! The staff and the products!