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Full Version: prosthetic vaginas
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How about carrying a line of prosthetic latex vaginas. Some even have the function of female urination and also for penetration. Just a thought.... <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
I've purchased some from other online cd shops.
(12-20-2014, 04:58 AM)danielle49441 Wrote: [ -> ]I've purchased some from other online cd shops.

Does anyone recommend any of the vaginas  for sale at Janet's, specifically for level of comfort and the female appearance under tight fitting clothing.?

Thanks, Christine
I know Im a little late to the thread but here is my input.

I own the 130 dollar Selene gaff that is in the store. As for comfort I forget I am even wearing it at times. The silicone prosthetic is removable from the gaff Panty and is easily worn with any normal panty that is not too loose. Worn this way there is a slighter larger bulge than with the gaff panty but the shaping and outline is still female. I wear mine practically every day, With tight clothing it works better.. I wear it with swimsuits every time I go swimming.. The tighter the clothes ithe bigger the camel toe effect though so if your not going for that look watch the tightness of you clothes.

Hope this helps someone.
Adding to this thread....Janets offers a prosthetic vagina.   I bought one and am wearing it in a picture I attached in a post I put for Favorite Lingerie under the Favorite Outfit forum.  It fits nicely and I like the look....though I wish it had a nice V-shape patch of pubic hair.  Also, I wish it had a sheath inside so you could sit and urinate like a woman instead of having to pull it down like a pair of panties.

I went to another site and bought a different prosthetic vagina with a penis sheath.  It ties behind your back with another string that goes underneath your crotch to be tied in the back.  What an expensive MISTAKE that was!!!  It fits terribly and is not in the least passable.  Do NOT buy one with the strings that tie in the back.   At least the prosthetic vagina that I bought from Janets is a nice fit and is very comfortable while wearing it.

So my message to Janets Closet is to offer a prosthetic vagina that you can pull up like a pair of shorts (like the one you offer now)….only with the penis sheath so you can sit and urinate like a woman.   Offering it with a v-shaped patch of pubic hair is a plus to me.   If it also allowed penetration for vaginal or anal or both...an even bigger plus.