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Full Version: Janet's Girls for Big and tall
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Hi, i have been searching for opinions and recommendations about what size breast forms should i get. Your input (any) are welcome!

A few facts about me:

I am 6'2 and unfortunately a little overweight..
My chest size is 48
I like big breast with projection but i am afraid to go overkill with something too big.

From the little info I gave you.. what would you recommend as Breast Forms in the american woman series. I was thinking maybe 50D (48DD) .. even tho i know the measurement from Janet website, its hard to picture it on my chest and guess the result if i like it since i am from Canada and can't go in the store for help.

Please let me know what you recommend me..
Thank you for your help

I used to be a very thin fit girl back when I lived with my ex and dressed daily and was way beyond passable even though I have aged gracefully I might add I am not as thin and fit as I was in my younger days who is? I truly believe you need to get breast forms that fit your body type we all enjoy having tits of our own why, because we are envious, love them whatever the reason isn't important but for me, I want to look as convincing as possible and still remain attractive and feminine so an A cup is not going to do it for me my breasts need to make a statement about my femininity and not make me look like a freak, I've been to clubs where I've got the look like you don't belong here because you're a woman exactly the reaction I want while others had oversized boobs that just looked plain stupid. Just like when strippers or porn actresses get those ginormous jugs that freakishly large. Do you want to be admired for being an attractive girl or do you want to be gawked at because you look like a freak, I would say a woman your height and build would look perfectly natural with a pair of D's or double D's. I'd say just go observe some big tall women giving you an idea how you should look
My tits came from Janets. I live 25 min from the store so it was easy for me to get sized by Lexi. I told her I wanted to be proportional to my height and weight. and she nailed it . If you have to order them online, then go with the stores recommendations. Don't go Dollie Parton with your first pair
I have a 42 chest band, I went with 42D breast forms, in the pictures I take they seem just right.