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Full Version: I was out with Melinda
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My latest foray (this past Friday) to Janet's was a HUGH success!

Kudo's to Roxi! I (and my friend) loved spending the morning and early afternoon with her helping me to pick a hair piece… and that wasn't even the best part! Roxi, you are a true artist! I have never had makeup done… even when I was younger, that could come close to what you did. I was absolutely mesmerized and could not stop looking at my eyebrows! WOW!

Let me begin… again… by saying that I pre-shopped JCI's online wig selections and had 6-7 pre-selected to look at. Initially, when i arrived, I was helped by both Bunny and one other… and I apologize as I just cannot remember her name. Anyway, Roxi became available and come over to take over. We were able to narrow the choices down to 2-3 and then the fun began.

Roxi, using my selected choices… now narrowed to 2, began applying makeup. Once the makeup was applied… and it was a masterpiece of perfection… we then tried my choices. Between Roxi's suggestions… my friends input… and eventually my decision… a choice was made.

I picked the Melinda Brown/Auburn/Strawberry… I wasn't initially looking for a long wig, but I absolutely LOVE this one!

For the first time in years, I felt comfortable in my appearance. I really didn't want the experience to end just yet… as my time was running short… so I made the decision to leave Janet's as Nicole. I haven't been out in public as Nicole for years. I asked my friend if he would be comfortable leaving with me as Nicole. He very graciously said that he was fine with me leaving as Nicole. So what did I do… well I shopped for a necklace! Again, Roxi selected one that was perfect for the occasion.

By the time we (my friend and I) got back to his place… in the Toledo area, I was feeling pretty comfortable with myself and was sorry to have to return Nicole to my hidden closet.

However from this, I know that now I must improve my wardrobe and accessories. I am now looking forward to joining my eldest daughter and my friend at another friends Diva show. He is a modeling cross-dresser and is absolutely beautiful. I am now ready to present myself… well first I must SHOP! lol

Absolutely my time spent with Roxi was the BEST! I already asked her if she could do my makeup for this next Diva event that I plan to attend… likely in November… maybe December.

I can't wait… HUGS,

Sorry… no pics for this visit… However, my next visit for makeup with Roxi… I promise to get pics and post.

Hi Colleen,

Yes, every visit to Janet's Closet has proven to be a true adventure for me! When I leave, I feel cheated that I can't stay longer and I begin to plan my next adventure while on my way back to Ohio.

I visited a number of sites prior to shopping… that dealt with things like facial shape and what types of wig styles might best suit me. Then I cruzed Janet's online selection and wrote down several different styles/color/shapes and lengths. I had intended on selecting one of the medium lengths initially.

After having Roxi do my makeup it was time to try my choices. I can objectively look at someone else and suggest alternatives… however that is all out the window when I need to look at myself Thank God that Roxi and my friend were there to guide me.

After having nixed all of my initial choices, Roxi suggested that she have a peek at what they had to offer. She came back with several and I must admit that all 3 were better choices that mine. After several swaps and my friend and Roxi offering their opinions, I settled on the Melinda. For me it was an excellent choice. As I said in my initial post, I actually left Janet's as Nicole. I didn't really go any where other than back to my friends place, but it gave me time to feel who I was at the moment. I felt great.

Next adventure will be wardrobe. Then back to Janet's to be taught the 'magic of makeup'.

Take care Colleen… or do I call you the 'loving thunder from Downunder! :-)