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Hi from Toni G. Noticed today 8/31/17 that those "site postings" with the URLs have been removed. A good thing. Many of us come here to chat,comment, or get ideas from other girls. Suppose that a separate section could be created for those that wish to advertise "supplements", "fashion shows in the UK" ,and other such things. Leaves space for us girls to post more relevant things and not be bombarded with ads. Blessings..Toni G.
Looks like some back again today. Fail to see where adv supplements has anything to do with breast forms or makeup. But had to try the suggestion anyway. Even though I have my own fledgeling jewelry business here,think its innapropriate to advertise on someone elses blog that is intended for a diff purpose. Toni G.
@Toni G:

Check out my posts in the following JCF links:

And i rant on some more in my MAIN thread too. The BEST thing you can do is report it and the staff at JC will remove it. ALSO report the user who created the B.S. posts too. I USED to report it ALOT, but seeing ho wi have been so busy lately, i just don't have the time anymore to sit and report them all. Also...NEVER EVER CLICK on ANY link you find in a meater's (coded) post!

These people, or robots, do not care let alone are aware as to where they are creating these posts at.
Still think that if folks want to "advertise" stuff on someones blog, a section could be created for them. I do check here daily to see if any girls have posted anything of interest. But see URLs for skin creams and supplements. Or someone talking about a fashion show for a European clothing thing nobody heard of. Nothing to do with crossdressing-which it is supposed to be. Wasting space, and wasting the time of us looking for pertinate stuff Sad Toni G.
When checking on 9/29/17 - see those robot-type "advertisements" piling up again. If we wanted to see postings for supplements-could go to the vitamin store sites. Perhaps a"membership list " purging would be in order. We all know about purging. Clean out those "advertisers" that are Not Actual CD/TG Girls. Robots not likely to post photos of themselves in their favorite outfits, or display their makeup skills for all to see. Smile Blessings.... Toni G...
@Toni G.

I can see the B.S. meat (coded) is REALLY getting on your nerves lol. I can understand where your coming from though. As for myself, i have gotten over it. I don't like how these meaters (coded) are taking a shit on the site, but at the end of the day it's all about them c-notes. It's why they do it. I have been meaning to get around to posting a comment in your, this thread, but my plate is over flowing with all kinds of things i am engaged into.

I dunno if you have been following me lately, in my MAIN thread, but JC is working on this meat (coded) issue, have been for at least a couple weeks now. I have been informed twice by Lexi. Once in person, the other via email. It is a BITCH to eradicate this issue, as i have a STRONG belief here is that the problem is coming from a human element more so than bots. On top of that, but maintaining a discreet and anonymous use of the site also plays a huge factor to. One COULD impose better control, but at a cost of confidential\personal information (identity). This alone would render the site useless as NO GURL\GUY would comply given the nature of the site. Site traffic would then be dedicated to meater's (coded) only then.

I proposed 2 VERY good ideas to Trevor, IT guy at JC (forum administrator\moderator) recently that REALLY SHOULD be quite effective in the elimination of all of the B.S. I generated 9 ideas in the span of 10 minutes, on 2 of them are good idea to go up against a human. The recent application of capthca isn't very effective, as i expected after some pondering. For it your dealing with a human meater (coded), then it can be defeated. I WILL NOT discuss the 2 VERY good ideas i proposed in here, as i do not seek to give "anyone" a heads up.

Check out the thread "Why?" in Janet's Lounge. I talk alot about the meater's (coded) and even have posted images of odd behavior and even potentially DANGEROUS, to a system, site re-directions. I have proof of these claims via images posted in this thread. As i seek to alert, inform, all gurls of the potential problem and advise to use caution. I even made a prediction roughly 2 months prior to a certain strategy that these meater's would engage into. Sure 'nuff....i was right.

Your idea of a "membership purge" is a good start, but still quite ineffective. I will agree that it needs to be cleaned up, but still won't stop 'em. As for "Robots not likely to post photos of themselves in their favorite outfits, or display their makeup skills for all to see.", this is a sketchy area. Because i BELIEVE we are dealing with a human element, one could be eliminating a legitimate user. I know....i am discovered how crafty and tricky they have become. In fact, that was my MAIN prediction. It got to a point, a few times, where i would be making my "rounds" in JCF where i would come across a thread and would have to really wonder if this "person" was real or not. Too tough to call. Just as crafty and tricky they become, i too can be very crafty and tricky as well. So i devised a new strategy\tactic discussed on page 3 of "Why?" Whenever i am in extreme doubt, i post an emoticon. I WON'T report the post\thread as it's too tough of a call to know for sure if it is really meat (coded), as i DO NOT want to report a LEGIT post\thread! At times, i even "bait" a line i drop for verification. Proof of this can be seen in one thread, if it is still up, titled something about "Making a video for my bf". After enough time had passed and no action, i reported it. It is probably still up. They can be tricky as they try TO BLEND IN. Again...this was my ULTIMATE prediction...blending.

I find it funny that they keep posting meat (coded) in the thread "Why?". Fuckin' dummies. NOT every gurl\guy will post pics of themselves or share much information that benefits other gurls\guys. Most of them are not as open as i am. There are MANY reasons as to why. The main thing...privacy. Though i may be quite open about my Tiffany self in here, i still do care about my privacy, i have my limits, and i know what i am doing. I choose to be as open as i am now for MANY reasons. There is NO fuckin' doubt...i am REAL and am LEGIT.

If my 2 ideas i presented to JC are good enough, Trevor will implement them. If not, for some reason, then perhaps they will give other ideas that will be more effective and will be implemented. I have to potential to generate even more ideas if given serious thought, and time, into it. I am quite analytical like that and highly creative too. Back in the days, i was creating my own security process's WAAAAY before they were integrated into systems\internet globally (i was years ahead). I think so far outside the box...i am literally in the Andromeda galaxy lol.

So for now, all we can do is just sit back and see what happens. Just deal with it till the problem is fixed.  You, as a user, can only do so much. The rest lies upon the shoulders of those that have full control of the site. Just know that this HUGE problem is currently being worked on.
Tnx. Would be nice not to be scammed/spamed/pummeled with ads Absolutely Everywhere!! Even on 'paid" sites there are flakes and fakes all over. Just junk that we have to tolerate. Stop by here looking for girls to visit with-maybe get useful ideas. Can go to the GNC site to look for vitimins and supplements.Do think that most of those posters are prob Not Girls, but are looking for "free ad space". One of the reasons for the lack of photos. Can guarantee that's ME in the "Old Girl" shots that I have posted.
Noticed on 11/10/17, some "football" postings appeared. Prob some robot/spammer. Unlikely that "arrelious" is about to post pics of her in a favorite outfit Smile Just another spammer- not a CD/TG Girl. Annoying waste of space.
@Toni G:

I know! I signed in very recently to add more info into my main thread when i seen all that B.S., but i did report each one and the user which is RARE considering i don't always have free time anymore lol. Just have to wait on JC to take care of it after reporting it is all.

Check this out tho, review below posted image....


I would assume 98% of these user's are meaters (coded) for damn sure! I was blown away after seeing this i had to get a snapshot of it. Also, check out the NEWEST member that registered that day too. Yeah...i HIGHLY doubt that person is really real. But then again...u just never know.