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I am new to Janet's Closet and these forums but I am very happy to have found them!

I am 55, just started exploring all of my femme feelings.  I am still very much in the closet when I dress.  As a young boy I was curious and would often wear my sisters clothes, so I guess I have always known that I liked dressing as a girl.  I am still new to all of this, my collection of femme things is growing.  I started with the intimates that I wear under my clothes to work almost everyday.  I don't know if I have the nerve to go out fully dressed, I may have to have a transformation session to see how I look fully made up. Heart

I love this community, I feel very safe here confessing all of my desires

welcome Brienna...Lots of nice girls here to share with. Plenty of hints and info can be found looking thru the threads here. Stepping out in public can be daunting,but take little steps. After while it gets easier. I'm 63 here,half-blind and partially disabled. But Still will be stepping-out for a mall trip nxt wk. Hope to pass as just another old lady out shopping. Takes some effort, practice, and some nerve. Been dressing on-and-off for decades. Many purgings. But always end up picking it back up again. Don't be afraid to post photos, when you feel comfortable doing so. Blessings...Toni G.