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Full Version: Picking out the right size breast form
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Hello all, I'm trying to decide what size large breast form to get. My goal is to haveĀ 40HH breasts like the porn star Amy Andersen and my current chest measurement is 35 inches (my waist in a corset is down to 27" and my hips are 35"). Should I go for the largest Dolly's Dream of 50DD, slightly smaller, or should there be other breastforms/methods that I should look at?

Thank you all in advance.
Hello, Selena. Sizes s/b chosen based on what your objectives are. IF you are NOT intending to step out in public, then the monster jugs can be fun for wearing around inside. BUT-- IF you intend to be out in public, or to pass in public- go with smaller forms that look natural for your frame size. You may notice that 99 9/10 % of GGs Do Not have the huge knockers !! All depends on the look that youre after. Just remember that getting that "porn star" look will draw attn. like if you are waving a lit road flare IF you step out in them!! Lots of videos abound about how to select forms. Blessings.. Toni G.. Even the makers of the "strap-ons" suggest that they be worn "at home" for fun.
Hi Toni, that is very sound advice and I agree. Yes, these monster juggs are for home or "special parties". I already brought some more modest breast forms when they were on clearance from the store. Do you have links to any of your favorite videos?
Selena- there are videos and info at sites like Glamour Boutique, The Breast Form Store, Suddenly Fem, TransSpa, Cross-Dress .com, ones here at janets, Cant remember the others. Senior moment. Some are High-priced. And don't forget to check the "mastectomy" suppliers sites like tlcdirect.org, or herroom.com for some more forms. As for me, I'm 5ft8, 145 lbs, so my 38d girls look fine on me.! They work with my wardrobe choices, as I Do step out enfemme on occasion. Blessings.. Toni G..
I am a bigger woman. My top measurement is 50 my band measurement is 46. I know its sounds big but 46F fits me perfect. My measurements are 46-38-46. I like the breast plate in F cup.
<p>I am new crossdresser here and want to know the right way to have sexy boobs. Pl advice</p>
(08-31-2020, 10:04 AM)Shekar Wrote: [ -> ]</p><p>I am new crossdresser here and want to know the right way to have sexy boobs. Pl advice</p><p>

</p><p><br></p><p>&nbsp;So much depends on what you want, and what you think of as sexy. Also, like others mentioned, it depends on your goals. If you want to go out to pass and look like a pretty and sexy woman, something that fits your frame is best. Keep in mind there are a lot of very sexy GG's who don't have large breasts.</p><p>&nbsp;The bigger they are, the more attention you'll receive, good and bad.&nbsp;<br></p><p>&nbsp;For at home or very private parties then large porn star tits are fine, if that's what you like.</p><p>&nbsp;For most people you'd be looking in the C/D range, but if you are a big person, you might want to go bigger. There are a few pictures of me here, and I wear a 38C bra, which for me I think is just about right, and they were called a "size 4" I think.</p><p>&nbsp;The other thing is, the size I wear is the size I find most attractive on GG's, so it is very personal.</p><p>&nbsp;Amy<br></p>
Thankyou so much for advice. I only want to wear for my personal satisfaction. I am a very private person and would not like to show my otherside if fantasy to the world. So would enjoy privately with a very few limited friends to see. By the way I couldn't access your photos.