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My name is Aubri and I currently work at Janet's as the makeup and transformation artist! Just recently got an account here on the forum, so excited!  Heart  I can't wait to get to know you all better.
Hi Aubri. Nice to meet you. Maybe I will take you up on a transformation some day.......
(01-20-2018, 06:59 AM)Stephanie_G Wrote: [ -> ]HI, Aubri.  I look forward to meeting you the next time I visit Janet's Closet.

I can't wait to meet you! It'll be fun!  Heart
(01-20-2018, 12:26 PM)JenniferIN Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Aubri.  Nice to meet you.  Maybe I will take you up on a transformation some day.......

That would be amazing, they're one of my favorite things to do in the store. If you're ever in the area I'd love to meet you!
(01-19-2018, 02:24 PM)Aubri Wrote: [ -> ]My name is Aubri and I currently work at Janet's as the makeup and transformation artist! Just recently got an account here on the forum, so excited!  Heart  I can't wait to get to know you all better.

Hi Aubri - I'm Dawna . I have absolutely no clue about hair and make-up . If you could help me I would be eternally grateful . Take care and stay safe , Dawna .

It was great talking to you today and I m really excited to see you next week!!!! I am looking forward to what you can do with me........
Aubri......noooooooo shit! I seen this thread and the username as i was scrolling down to access my thread one day a few months ago, but NEVER KNEW it was you till now! Who would have ever thought a transformation artist to have a JCF account in here?! I am not always in here, as since we last met the first time, i have been very busy in my life. Well, i see you do and have established a line of communications with us gurls, community, that you are the new/current artist at JC (as of date this post. response message, was created).

We have met twice so far, once last year as you were working on all the wigs on the shelf. I approached you and we engaged into conversation about myself, introducing myself to you, and talks about the gurl community. I am pretty sure i was there with a new gurl as her support/company as she sought me out to join her at JC, her first time stepping out of the closet. Stephanie is her name. I also think that was your first week of working there too. I enjoyed the convo we had and your interest in such a community. As you seemed to be far from judgemental, very open minded and accepting of all.

We met again, at JC, quite recently actually on March 24 2018 (Saturday), when i arrived there on business in regards to a special wig and modification of. Edited images of my paper receipt posted below (edited for privacy reasons). As being there is person is more logical than email communications and mail delivery (sought to get it right the first time). Fortunately, as an added bonus and on short notice, i was ALSO able to meet a gurl there (name and location of gurl withheld, permission to share such intel not acquired) as we have communicated for so long via online (KiK). It was a pleasant experience to be there again, to get some personal work done (as the main reason why i was there, the meet with a gurlfriend to chat and shop with, to talk to you again (Aubri), and had myself a little shopping spree while there. I never really thought i would be leaving with a bunch of stuff, see below posted images of receipt, as i was sure to leave with just the one modified wig. The gurl i was with, gurlfriend, also bought a few things too. When i arrived, i also brought treats for the whole staff....a few packages of marshmallow peeps lol. I also seen Janet and right away she recognized me! The ONLY THING that sucked the worst about my trip there on that day was that it was a short one. My stay was only 2 1/2 hours, but so wished to have stayed much longer chatting with my gurlfriend relaxing in Janet's lounge and i just like being there at JC.


I have yet to get some profile pictures from you in regards to the makeup work, skill, that you recommended that you would share with me via email. You promoted this idea, i am just following up. As we talked about my near future plans of a transformation, my Princess transformation i am planning for in mid July. I have everything i need for the transformation, especially the AMAZING all pink Princess dress (pics posted below). I don't plan on going out anywhere after the transformation, but do plan on having at least a 2 hour photoshoot in JC (2-4 hour). Also, i will see if i can wrangle up some gurls to join me on this day as to make it a fun day for us gurls to meet, talk, and shop. I will be waiting to hear back from you in here, JCF.





Oh....the pixs i posted of the dress AIN'T SHIT!! The pixs i took of it don't do it any justice, would have to see it in person to really be amazed. Not only is the dress decked out in absolute prettiness, but it is HEAVY for a dress too. Weighs at LEAST 5lbs., think one 5lb. bag of sugar! When walking around, with dress in hand, i had to lift it up above my head as to not allow it to touch the ground, scrape/drag, and i am 5'9''! I haven't tried on the dress before purchase, not have i even done so now that it is in my possession. It is a size 8 and know my size to be an 8 and 9. Size 8 fits me snug and a little tight, size 9 is perfect. The back of the dress is a lace up which is a HUGE PLUS (as seen in 1 of 2 pixs posted in prior post). I can only hope it fits me, if not, you bet your ass i will make what ever modification to MAKE IT WORK! I have modified an elegant dress of mine back in 2016, as the side zipper wouldn't go up all the fit (tight fit). So i came up with a circumventive idea of poking a few tiny holes on each side of the zipper and laced it up, cross laced, the zipper area with a black shoelace as to match/blend-in with the color of the dress. My idea worked and pulled it off great. With a 6'' area on my side, just under my armpit, laced up, it closed off an area that would have exposure that would look really off and with the look of cross lacing, added a level of femininity to it.

Though i have yet to try on the dress since i got it a few weeks ago, i will be trying it on before i schedule my transformation day. I don't need any last minute boo-boo's. If the dress doesn't work for me, even after modifications if needed, i am still gonna get a transformation anyways. I will get a new dress, one that fits for sure, with a new different look. There is a story behind this dress, as with all of my gurl life experiences there are stories, but lack of time to share as i am always busy. Perhaps, if your free, you can join me on my transformation day at JC to hang out or get a transform yourself. The day would be a Saturday. Exact date unknown.



That is a gorgeous dress. Jen