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Full Version: New look
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Hi Janet and to to all Janet's employees. I would love to be able to buy real feminine looking underclothes. Not like sissy kinds of clothing but more of a frilly and lace woman's style. For example I saw this satin bra and panty, the bra was a pink satin with white lace bow at the top of the shoulder straps and a bigger bow between the cups. The matching panty was a bikini style with cute white lace around the leg and waist bands. I think this would boost business for you Janet. You my have this stuff; I don't see with your online shopping. This is what I would suggest. Love yous all from Joanie.
oh oh you dont like sissy?
come on !
lace is sissy

i dont make fun of sissy coz i am one tee hee!

and love walking in heels and stockings as a sissy.