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Full Version: Bras. Front or back closure?
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Hey gurls.... Now sure if this has been discussed before; but what do you all have for thoughts on front or back closure bras? I have always thought the idea of a front closure was sexy as hell. I see that Bare Necessities carries them, so i might look into getting one. Maybe a nice pink one! Love you all, Michelle
I agree with Steph.  Proper fit and comfort is key because they'll likely be covered up by a dress or blouse but I like a nice pretty looking too.  As for front vs back....doesn't matter as long as the first criteria are met. Shy
The only bra i have right now is a back closure. But I think I want to get a front closure style just to try it out. Bare Necessities has a few. Maybe a light pink one would be nice! Blush  Love, Michelle