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Full Version: Hormones......
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Yes ladies, Michelle here is going to be contacting someone here in the DC area, and I plan on starting hormones. No more 'therapy' requirement anymore. Therapy is only required if you want 'bottom' surgery. I plan on going on hormones as soon as I can contact the provider, and depending on when they tell me my breast development has hit the wall, I plan on getting a boob job. Hormones and a boob job I can deal with. The bottom stuff, even without any therapy would be too risky at my age. At least that is the way I feel.

Oh, and the requisite face and upper torso hair removal; by any means necessary..... As the old line goes; 'so it is said, so it is written, so it shall be done'. Love you all, Michelle
If you go to my post in Janets Lounge titled "Laser Treatment", I provide info on my experiences with laser treatment to remove facial/neck/chest hair permanently.   Twelve days from today I have treatment #4 on my face/neck and #2 on my chest.
Yep sis, on my list. And the sooner the better. From what I've read, it takes from 1 to 2 years for your breasts to reach their full potential via hormones. And sometimes nothing grows. Sad  But regardless, boobs aren't the only reason I'm going on hormones. And, regardless of what does, or doesn't develop, I shall be getting implants afterwards. And then I can go braless, and feel totally me. I cannot wait. Love ya, Michelle Heart