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Full Version: 1/24 - A red letter day (part 3)
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I don't know if I can handle much more of this. I just got home from my mother's. We had a long talk about me, Michelle, and I. And I cried, and she hugged me, and told me that she will always love me. And like my daughter; she didn't accept me, she embraced me. She says she doesn't understand a lot about what I think and feel; but only because she has thought and felt like that her entire life. But she understood everything about how I have come to this point. Even about me raiding her lingerie drawer when I was much younger, to me starting hormones, to the very likely prospect of getting a boob job. And my mother is taking me to Soma's, dressed as Michelle should be in public, to shop for bras and panties. I am so blessed, beyond words. I do so love my family, and that includes all of you. Michelle Heart

Oh, silly me forgot to add this tidbit. As it turns out, if I had been female at my actual birth, my name would have been Michelle. WOW! I never knew that one....... Love, Michelle Heart
The barriers you are breaking down!
Michelle, it feels so good to hear that. Yes, yes, I am. And it can't come fast enough. I'm still trying to process my mother wanting to go with me to shop for bras and panties. That floored me. Love, Michelle Heart
You are so amazing.   The inner strength you show, expressing your true feelings to your daughter and now your mother.  So many words fill my head...wonderment, pride, love...   You are showing the way for many.
Anne, thank you for those kind words. But I always try to remember, that we are all part of a wonderful family. When one of us falls, we all rush in to help her back up on her feet. When one of us experiences joy, we share it, and help others understand that they have the ability to achieve that as well. Just like the Marines, we never leave a gurl behind.

My mother just moved, and needs to get some new curtains. She wants to go to Kohl's, but doesn't want to drive. So I suggested I could take her, since I need to do some 'shopping' too. She smiled and said, "I know". She knows I am going to a cocktail party and I need a nice cocktail dress. Oh, my mother is just so wonderful.

We all have that in us. Some just take a little longer to blossom. But sometimes the prettiest, most fragrant, flowers take a little longer to blossom. But they are always worth the wait. I love you all, Michelle Heart Heart Heart
I am so happy for you, Michelle! All the best!
Thanks Maria. I am so proud of all of us. Thankfully I have all of you for support. I cannot imagine where I would be if I was having to deal with this alone. Love ya, Michelle Heart