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Full Version: New breast forms
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Hi gurls I'm looking to make another trip to JC . I'm still trying to find my way thru who I am and where I'm looking to go. I am currently a 42d and am looking to purchase another set of breast forms size is questionable looking for recommendation with size and types of forms. I would just luv to purchase a open tip lingerie set. I'm not a candidate for glue on forms because of a time factor. Looking for help. I'm still very new to this whole situation going to J Cs and trying to find out who I am. I would like to try on new clothing from JC but not yet comfortable with dressing in breast forms top and a hair piece. Got any ideas on how to make this a more enjoyable experience. Thanks Jammie
Hi Jammie,
When I'm in a time crunch, I find that the pocket bra works great for holding my silicone breasts.  My preference is to glue them on my chest so that I may have a more natural feel to having breasts tugging on my chest.   So my recommendation to you would be the Detroit Wide Series with a pocket bra....that way you would have the option of glue them on when time allows but insert them into a pocket bra when you don't have the time.

Also, do take into consideration that if you have hair on your chest, you will need to shave it to save yourself from the pain of tearing hair out of your chest when you pull off your glued-on silicone breasts.  Of course, a hairy chest is not a concern if you are wearing your breasts with them inserted into a pocket bra.

I own a pair of the Pride of Detroit Wide Series and the American Woman Narrow Series and enjoy both of them and can recommend them.

I own a pair of the Squishy Series and am very disappointed with them.  This series uses a different glue that is a mess when it comes to cleaning up.  Also, this glue does not adhere the Squishy breasts well at all.  I followed the directions closely but after just a few minutes, the Squishy breasts would peel away from my chest.  I cannot and do NOT recommend the Squishy Series if you desire to glue breastforms to your chest.  I suppose one could wear these in a pocket bra but to me, it defeats the purpose of having these if you desire to put your hands on them to squeeze and feel them.  It's just not the same when they are put into a pocket bra.

I do not have any experience with the other breastform products.  Enjoy dressing and being/feeling womanly.
Thanks Anne for that recommendation
I'm still looking for a option to wear a breast form with a open tip lingerie set without using the glue as a option
(08-26-2019, 09:17 AM)Jammie Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Anne for that recommendation
I'm still looking for a option to wear a breast form with a open tip lingerie set without using the glue as a option

Hi Jammie.....I tried searching online but could not find any pocket bras with open nipples.   I know this conflicts with your time constraints but I think the only way you are going to achieve this look is if you glue silicone breastforms to your chest and wear a regular bra with the open nipples.