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Full Version: Letting friends know
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I have very little desire to dress, or try to pass as a female.  Other than breast forms, and bras, I dont wear women's clothing.  I may expand on that if I see a top I really like, but so far it's just the boobs I'm really interested in.  I have been hiding this desire from friends for several years...this past Halloween (2019) I wore my boobs to a costume party.  I did it again at a New Year's Eve party.  Both times in male clothing.  I received verbal confirmation from a couple of female friends who say they will support whatever it is I'm trying to do.  ?  Of course the women are much quicker to support me than the males.  I don't expect any of them to understand...but if they can accept it then that is fine with me.  Next step....going out in public (other than nature trails)...hopefully with friends.
Hi mtf, I have read accounts of other CD's who will wear smaller B cups under a sweatshirt or loose fitting shirt to hide their breasts but still provide the personal satisfaction of wearing/feeling breasts on their chest.   While we all wish for a world in which we can wear what we wish, maybe this is something you could try and avoid the possible ridicule from your male friends?
Some (many?) CD's get enjoyment from dressing as a woman and being able to present themselves in public.  Since this is not a motivation for you, perhaps disguising your breasts under loose fitting clothing is the answer to satisfying your need to wear your breasts publicly?
My 2 cents worth Think very carefully before you out yourself to your friends our society the vast majority both makes and females are not as accepting as you may think or as they really should be O see absolutely zero problems with it other than young impressionable children viewing you a man with a pair of boobs.
One real-life example of how our society sucks and is not accepting of people who are different is one I witnessed first hand a few years back. For a long time, I always worked in one of the big box stores part-time to make extra money for the holidays. Well, a sure nice young man who was a plus-sized guy who had naturally large male breasts, most of the people who worked there shunned him even the women, One day I saw him sitting by himself in the breakroom and he looked very depressed when I asked him what was up he said people suck and they don't understand this isn't my fault. I said what your gynecomastia, he looked at me in shock you know what it is? I said yes I'm not like the rest of the rednecks who work here I am educated and can read so yeah I know what it is. We talked about his issue that he has suffered with since puberty and I said the only advice I have for you is not to wear a green ba with a white T-shirt. He looked down at his chest and said yeah I guess I see your point but it fits and I get looks if I go in the stores to buy or try them on. I gave him the name of a woman who I've known for years who works at a place called the bra and girdle factory, call her before you go in tell her you're a friend of mine and she will set you up with an after-hours appointment. Wow thanks man I really appreciate but how do you know about this and her I said let's just say I know her and leave it at that. My friend Ingrid set him up with an appointment and gave him a proper bra fitting and he purchased several bras that fit minimized his breast that had to be DD's he even purchased a less restrictive one he told me for just lounging around the house. His mm was elderly and he was a really good kid devoted to helping and taking care of her. One afternoon I went to work after my regular job and noticed his locker was cleared out. When I asked hey what happened to Richard, oh the corporate guys were here today and they told the manager to get rid of him because he looked bad for the company image. Fucking rotten scumbag mother fuckers, this kid knew a lot about everything was nice, pleasant to all the people, and worked his ass off never complaining. Sop that cemented for me that people in general SUCK and society is not as progressive and understanding as they like to make themselves out to be. So think about doing what you want to do before you do it, Good luck