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Full Version: Waist cincher question Im a 32 in jeans
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I’m about a 34 regular clothing. I want to make sure though. How should I measure my wait?
With a tape measure, across your belly button. Suck in your tummy. and measure.. If the measurement is an odd number, round DOWN to an even number. So, if you measure out to 35 inches, round DOWN to 34.

The above calculation is for waist cinchers, and corsets, ONLY!!!!!

If you are measuring for jeans, pants, or slacks, round UP! Otherwise, you with have clothes that either don't fit at all, or make you very uncomfortable
Thanks for this information. I have wanted to add a waist clincher to my collection to get a more feminine shape but did not know how to order the correct size
I have a bunch of waist cinchers, some work better than others for me. Some will suggest take your waist measurement like Jodie suggested and go 4 or 6 inches down, but it really depends on the type of cincher you're looking at.
If you are shopping at crossdressing store like Janet's the staff should be pretty good at suggesting the right size to get. My experience is the ones which really draw you in nicely are also a bit tough to wear over time, like going out for an evening. But are great for some photos or wearing just at home for a while.
Thanks CanuckGirl for the info also
  What cincer would you recommend for wearing under your dress or in some inconspicuous way to give you the best femme shape. Easy on/easy off would be great for those by yourself dressing times we all have as crossdressers.
I recently bought my first corset. It is an overbust style with a zip front and cords in the back to lace it up. It has a really nice brocade pattern which i think would make it look great with a skirt or leggings.