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Full Version: This is me.
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Trying on outfits this morning I got up enough nerve to take some pictures, nervous as hell, hands shaking, but here is Bernice.
tried to add a photo attachment again without success,
Awww, why be nervous Bernice? You look fine!

My only advice: Take a deep breath. let it out, and SMILE! Enjoy being the beautiful woman that you are!
(09-08-2020, 12:50 PM)JodieLynne Wrote: [ -> ]Awww, why be nervous Bernice? You look fine!

My only advice: Take a deep breath. let it out, and SMILE! Enjoy being the beautiful woman that you are!

Thank you very much Jodie, several people have told me that and I guess I just have to look past visual appearance. Just wish I could post some new pictures on here.
Bernice. My new motto is "The only drfference between Bernie and Bernice is the c, and what that c stands for"
cindyv thinks you look great. you go gurl
One year later:
(07-13-2020, 04:09 PM)Bernice Wrote: [ -> ]How I got here is a life long story. Smile
Oh my!! Your a naughty girl (love it) with a great pair of legs.  Heart

(08-04-2021, 09:13 PM)Bernice Wrote: [ -> ]One year later:

You look awesome and like you would be fun to party with!! Heart
Very True Debbie W. we all are individuals and unique in our own way. But many threads in the fabric of our lives weave us together to make us a community/family of sister's providing support and having each others back when and if needed.

Similarly my wife caught me wearing her clothes 3 years after we were married. I was supposed to be donating things after her taste in her clothing changed or didn't fit her etc... and I was keeping what I liked for myself all but her shoes which don't fit me at all. My first pair of heels I was wearing when she caught me I bought from the same thrift store.lol

Anyway I aggreed never to wear her things again and that was 40 years ago so I am lucky she accepted it. Besides my wife I do not plan on my family or anyone who only knows me as only male ever seeing me. But I worried about family finding out some other way so I came to the point that they needed to know in case they accidentally bumped into me in public or a friend or someone outed me to them instead of me taking the time to try to explain it to them first.

Things really changed when I came out of the closet as transgendered and going out in public as Lynn in 2019. I am no longer going to work full time so I don't care about anyone else seeing me and what the fall out could be but I have told all but one of my 4 kids about Lynn. I plan to tell the other soon when the time seems right just like I did the others if he hasn't already heard from his siblings. It will be up to them as parents if they or myself should ever tell my grandkids if they want them to know or not. Some are too young and several are adults and I guess I would leave it to chance if my kids don't want my grandkids to know.
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