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Full Version: Love blue!
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<p>Blueee hair. Hoping the attachments work</p>
Kylie, I posted in another post about Pic attachments not working. As an old scientific mainframe programmer and systems analyst from more than 20 years ago I find it very annoying that Admin has not addressed this problem/bug. And I have not seen where anyone has welcomed you to the forum. So I welcome you here.
Blue or purple hair is more suitable for special parties, but for normal days, blonde hair color is very attractive.
I very much admire women with blonde hair, even if it is a dye job. I personally go with light brown/brunette, it just seems to be a more natural look on me. I would like to ditch the wigs and give a short style a try, perhaps a blue spikey style. As much as I want to pass as a woman, at some point I'll try a more gender neutral look when going out to queer safe places. Being taken for a cis female lesbian would be a fun way to pass.
Hugs & Kisses,