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Full Version: Bubbles in forms
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<p>Hello all,</p><p>I have a set of the American woman wide, 40 C. I almost always wear them without glue and have noticed some air bubbles getting under the film... what can I do about the bubbles? Is there a safe way to remove the bubbles?</p>
Hello kaliatlas. You might want to contact Janet's Closet store about this. I've not seen this issue on any of mine. I can't imagine any way to remove bubbles without puncturing the outer membrane, BUT THAT WOULD RUIN THEM, so don't do that. Perhaps others with more experience may have an answer. Best bet is to contact the store for advice.
I have had this pair a couple of months. My last pair did something similar, and I fell asleep in them and they burst. So I got a second pair because I knew I damaged the first pair. Just not sure what I'm doing wrong to cause air bubbles.

Is there a form that is low profile but more durable?
I have a pair of pride of Detroit wide 42C and sleep with them a lot with no problems. You might want to try a lower profile like the wide forms. I wear a soft tight fitting bra to keep them in place. Feels great to wake up to them :o)


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