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Full Version: New to CD and a larger build
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I'm new to CD having just recently gotten the "uncontrolable urge" and have started down my journey. I have actually just ordered a number of things but an so nervous. You see, I'm not a young person (nearly 50) and let's say my body is on the large side.... about 6'1" and 280lbs.... For obvious reasons that makes shopping quite a bit more difficult, especially for bra's as I am still not sure how to measure for the damn things. While I'm sure I'll have a bunch of trial and error trying to find appropriately sized clothes what I'm really after are any tips/tricky anyone can offer the "Plus Plus Sized CD". I'm still very much a closet CD, even my wife doesn't know yet, so there are some limitations but any advice would be appreciated.

Womans sizes are tricky. Be sure anything you buy on-line is returnable/exchangeable for size. I am 6' 200# and generally wear a 1X in womens clothes but I have seen as much as a 3 inch difference in the waist size of so called 1X ladies skirts, jeans, & dresses.
I do buy a lot from Amazon I buy from Janet's when I am in my home base in SE Michigan.
Hi, Kimber. Just started CD last spring, myself. I have a similar physique at 6' 3" 265# and am 54. The buying of clothes and other things happen really fast, and it never seems to be enough. I haven't gotten into wigs or makeup yet. I usually have a beard during the winter, as I work outside a lot, and with the cold, I am glad for the beard. The bra sizing can be a bit tricky. I bought the long line firm shaping bra from Janets in 48D to use with my 44D wide breast forms. It is snug, but not uncomfortable. I like the length of it, as it seems to flatten the upper part of my oversized stomach area and it seems to have plenty of stretch. It seems the breast size measurement is similar to measuring the size of your chest, using a tape measure around the middle of your chest. I wear a size 50 chest measurement shirt. The 48D cup size seems to work, although it may be a little different with different bras. Seems to be fairly close. Without the forms, it fits easily. I also really like the corsets. They really give you a feminine feel and shape as you can cinch down your waist up to 4 inches. I recently bought my first under bust corset, the premium shaping corset for $55.00. I was amazed as to how much it made my chest look like I had natural cleavage. If you go that route, don't get the cheap ones, as they don't have the strength. My main thing for fitting clothes is, as a guy, when I would buy jeans, t shirts, etc, I always bought looser fitting clothing. I had to get over that when buying women's clothing. If the clothing is loose fitting, it just doesn't look right (to me anyway). Enjoy yourself.
Thanks for the info/tips gals... I'm so excited for my first box of goodies to arrive so I can try em on.
I shaved my chest in anticipation (wasn't a very smart idea)... I got nasty razor burn and still have stubble. I think I need to go get some Nair to try instead.
The first shave is always the worst. It gets better quickly.
(02-16-2021, 09:30 AM)boots66 Wrote: [ -> ]The first shave is always the worst. It gets better quickly.

Any tips/tricks?
I actually bought a Wahl Beret cordless hair trimmer for haircuts during Covid, since all the barber shops were closed. Found out when not using the attachments, it works fantastic for removing body hair. Almost as close as a razor without the razor burn.
Picked up some hair removal cream to try tomorrow...fingers crossed.

Glee brand hair removal cream was NOT effective on chest hair. Just an FYI.....
Anyone use any brand that was actually effective?
Kimber, I haven't used any creams, as some girls say it can cause burns, and my skin is a bit sensitive so I'm afraid of it. There are home waxing kits (ouch!) but I haven't tried those yet, but am thinking of trying one of those out.
Chest hair seems to be a bit of a toughie to get really smooth, as I've heard others say the same thing. You shave, but the stubble is still there.
This is what I do, I use a fresh, or nearly so, razor. Shave first before a shower then go in and have a shower and re shave while in there, which gives me a very smooth feel. The warmth and moisture helps the hair expand to cut it better.
However, I was shocked at how fast it grows back! Similar with leg hair. I'm not sure about your situation, but shaving legs and putting on stockings or pantyhose feels divine!
Of course if you have a lot of noticiable hair then there will sure to be questions asked!
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