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Full Version: Need help
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<p>I'm looking at wigs.and can't decide what would loom best for me. Any help&nbsp;</p>
Hi - I’m not sure how close you are to Janet’s shop, but they have a great selection of wigs at all prices. You can try them on to see what looks best. I’m sure they could help you online as well if you are to far away to drive to their store. Also, personally, I feel a wig is a very important item to have for a crossdresser. I never skimp in buying an expensive wig that looks good. A cheap wig can definitely out you if you go out in the public. Anyhow, I’ve always had a good experience at Janet’s. Another tip too, if you simply can’t puurchase at Janet’s for some reason, then I’m sure there are wig shops close to where you live. Just google. I have also bought at wig only stores. Don’t be intimated by that. The stores I have gone too have welcomed transgender women and crossdressers. They want to make money! Good luck, Suzy