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Full Version: Janet’s Breast forms vs AliExpress/Wish
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<p>I was wondering why I should buy my breast forms here. What specifically makes them worth the extra money.&nbsp;</p>
Hi Chloe, you've got a great question here. I checked out the AliExpress site and they do indeed have some impressive pricing for breast forms of all kinds. If you can only order "on-line" and know exactly what size and style you desire, well I guess it's hard to justify the price difference.
For me, being able to stop in to JC and talk with the helpful sales staff and even try them on before I buy makes me more than happy to pay the extra $'s to get what I need/want the first time instead of repeatedly ordering the wrong size or style on-line.
I believe you get what you pay for. My thoughts only.
If I might interject my two cents, for what they are worth.  Dollar for dollar, you may very well save some money buying from AliExpress, or some such site, may even be similar quality, as most everything is made in China nowadays.  But, I ask you to consider a few things.  When you buy from Janets, you are also supporting a business that supports us.  It is important to support the businesses that do support what we believe in, or they may very well go away.  One need only drive down Mainstreet, Anytown, USA to see this happening daily.  When you call, email, or visit Janets, you get personal attention and the benefit of experience.  AliExpress is owned by Alibaba of China, and I doubt would offer the same service and support offered by Janets.  Another thing to consider would be personal discretion.  Janets seems quite protective of your privacy, being discrete with shipping and personal info.  If you've ever done a search for a product online, only to find that, after doing such a search, every website you go to afterwards, the popups advertising that product from dozens of different vendors.  If privacy isn't a concern, then no big deal.  Please understand, I am not trying to bash you, or anything like that.  I just ask you to consider these things.  In today's world, it is super easy to go to Amazon, AliExpress, etc.  For a lot of younger people, it is almost automatic.  IMHO, it is very much worth the extra couple bucks to buy from Janets.