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Full Version: First big public event
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Yes, I am back. My cd friend and I were in Detroit July 8th-12th for the TG-Detroit Invasion event. We partied with 100+ sisters for 3 days. We took a river boat cruise on the Detroit Princess party boat down the river, attended a barbecue hosted by a local bar, ate lunches/dinners at several restaurants. We shopped Janet's closet and also went to a local mall one day on our own to shop and eat at the food court. Then every night was spent at several bars/clubs with music, dancing and yes drinking. All this mingling with the regular community people aropund us which was a wonderful first for us both to experience.

It was a blast and the longest time I have ever spent being Lynn 100% 24 hrs. a day as a woman. We left on Thursday morning as Lynn and returned home on Sunday morning as my male self. Not a single stitch of clothing or anything male until going home. Now I have a new record to beat of 3 days and nights without anything male.  I must admit my first time really exposed in public was a long walk in a county park with a man and I was scared shit less. So, I am really happy I enjoyed being 100% myself and being out in public so much. It was a great confidence builder for me to overcome my "being a man in a dress" in public fears of not being able to pass, be discovered or be embarrased/humiliated by some incident while being in public
That sounds like you had a fantastic outing! Are there pics to follow?
(07-26-2021, 12:45 PM)TraciJ Wrote: [ -> ]That sounds like you had a fantastic outing!  Are there pics to follow?

I was so wide eyed and excited enjoying myself so much I didn't think to take pictures of my own. There are some pictures and video on the TGDetroit website of past events at  https://tgdetroit.com/invasion-mark-vi-photos/ and the next one is scheduled for Sept. 30th.