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Full Version: Second day/night out
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With my wife, we decided last nigh to go to Janet's closet plus dinner/LGBT bar.....unfortunately we got our little niece last night and our plans changed a little. We are not able to hit Janet, we were excited to go and buy some clothes.
So, we are preparing ourself for the night... showering shaving and the rest of the sexy clothes plus my jeans and a polo, we need to drop our niece first.
So I was dressing, the first stocking have an hole, changing to the second one...dang are broke on the toe, I walked in the restroom, my wife looked at me and I explained what happened asked if she have pair for me with the following comment "Now I understand the frustration of a Lady trying to be sexy  before go out" she smiled. We are bagging all sexy clothes like little teenagers behind the parents and dropping our niece..the second date still in plan.