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Full Version: The epilator........
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So ladies today I have forgone the razor, waxing and since I'm a ginger any form of laser treatment. I read and read and decided to get the braun flex silk-epil 9.  Now I prepped, trimmed hair down to ¼ inch, lotioned and exfoliated all that dead skin off the day prior, I'm here to tell you I  basically am a ginger wookie hahaha and have hair in great excess. Every article I read they said pain was 4 of 10 or 6 of 10, I made it to knees and had to stop for the day, my pain level was no joke, 9 of 10. I did both legs to knees and will tomorrow attempt again above knees. The reward though is silky smooth skin and the promise that it will eventually get less painful and easier. Wish me luck as I rip through tomorrow's forest of hair ?. Kisses ? Ginjer
I hope you have great success with this. Please post more as you continue with it.
Ok.....day 2 front of upper legs to panty line and omg I about passed out on the tender skin lol I would love to continue and I may but I don't think my pain tolerance can withstand this. I get to the soft bits on the legs and arms start shaking it hurts so bad haha I tried on slow speed and little by little but still.....if you ladies can do i applaud you but myself I may try again later but my skin too tender hahaha it's akin to being waxed 40 hairs ar a time. I must sashay away.....I uploaded a photo this is what my leg looked like while using the epilator.
It gets better with time and you can get a system knowing what hardy areas to start with and switch back and forth a little at a time with the sensitive areas. Also I sort of skim lightly over the tender areas a couple times to sort of desensitize the area before bearing down for heavy removal. Switching from left side to right side back and forth can sort of spread out the nerve endings so one particular spot isn't so sensitive. What I like about the epilator is that the hair doesn't grow back nearly as quickly as when you shave with shave cream and a razor. I have always let the hair grow out before spring and used the epilator the first timeand shave a few times before usinging it again. I don't know how it compares to the cream hair removal but I hate the smell of the creams and wonder just how healthy they are for your skin/body to use them.

You do have to use a good skin cream/lotion to shooth the skin (even after shaving with razor) to avoid the little red bumps.

Hope these tips help

I've done a lot of research and also decided on an epilator. However, regardless of my preparations,  exfoliation, moisturizing, trimming... When I use the epilator, I think it "cuts" some of the hairs at the skin line. I'll have "razor shadow" almost the next day or two. Followed by those awful little red bumps,  that to me,  almost signal the beginning of ingrown hairs. 

Does anyone have some method in overlooking,  or suggestions?  

I would be grateful for any help girls.

Love and kisses,