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Full Version: New dress and shoes from jannets
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Sorry today I am not wearing make-up or wig.

But I fell anyway sexy and pretty 



I find shopping for , trying on something, and buying new clothes to be a very enjoyable experience. My goal is to always find a new look or style that makes me feel sexy and pretty. Well maybe not always. Slutty is good sometimes too. giggles
Nice dress and it fits you well. I don't mean to be critical but if you can you should shave your body hair, I understand a lot of gurls can't because of family.
That is a beautiful dress on you!
Good find! Looks great on you!
Love the design. Has that Victorian edge to it. Would look fabulous when/if you ever have the time to go all out with wig, make up etc.  Heart Big Grin

Looks so sexy!