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Full Version: New breast forms
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Okay, I am looking at purchasing my first set of breast forms.  My under bust measurement is 36 so I am going to order 36C forms.  What do I need to know about glueing/removing?  Will they stay after glueing without a bra?  TIA.
I got almost all of my information from the videos on the Janets Closet store website. They were very informative. I've only used the Hollister adhesive that was recommended with my forms, the Pride of Detroit wide series. Mine are 44D, so somewhat heavy. As far as gluing them on and staying without a bra, I've had mine on without, but after a few hours, they started to peel off a little bit, possibly because I needed a little more practice with the gluing, and possibly sweat compromising the glue. The 36C are probably much lighter and may be fine. If you're going to be out and about, a nice bra to help hold them would be recommended, at least until you get a bit of experience with the gluing process. The big thing with gluing, MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE ALL OF THE HAIR IN THE AREA THEY ARE TO BE ATTACHED!!! Otherwise, when you go to peel them off, the hair will be removed for you, and not in a very pleasant way. The first time I removed mine, there were a few small red rash areas where a little bit of the skin came with. The second time, everything was fine, perhaps the skin calloused up a little bit. Hope this helps. It's a wonderful sensation having them glued on.
Thank you for the response boots.  The hair won't be a problem since I shave my entire body the best I can.  The couple patches of skin that's interesting.  Guess I will see how it goes.
I have forms which give me a similar to you, 38C, and I also recently got an type of antipesperent which you put on before the glue, but after cleaning yourself with something like alcohol to get all of the oils off your skin. This way they seem to stay on for hours, and hours wearing a bra, and quite a while braless, though I've never gone out braless. I'll use a very thin bra if I'm being bold and want to show off some nipple, a bra with minimal support almost looks like no bra but will hold them in place.
The other thing which has happened to me a few times when they are well glued on I have had small tears on my skin getting them off, so I'm very careful and use quite a bit of remover when pealing them down.
I have a set of smaller, B cup which are swim safe and I bought them for that purpose so I could wear them under my swimsuit and not show the edges of the forms which I think is a bit tacky, and they aren't nearly as heavy so I have gone braless for a time with those.
My 36C forms showed up.  Very beautiful. Can’t wait to try but I have one issue. Before I decided about the forms I had my nipples pierced, need to let them heal. Will go from there. Love you girls.