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Full Version: Eyebrow waxing/sugaring
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I am thinking about getting my eyebrows waxed/sugared & maybe tinted.  Does anyone else get theirs done?  If so, how often?  Is it painful?  I have a high tolerance of pain so it more than likely won't be an issue.  What about tinting?  Has anyone had theirs done?  I used to pull mine out but have gotten better about it so they look a little out of control.  TIA.  Alexis.
Never done much with my brows, they aren't terrible either. However I had a makeover last year and I don't know what she did, or quite how she did it as I couldn't see and she didn't tell me, but mine were very feminine looking without plucking or shaving them at all. All by the use of pencils and the right makeup.
I am also thinking about doing something like you are talking about to get more feminine brows.
I haven't had a go at my eyebrows other than to keep them neatly trimmed. I would love to see some before and after pics if anybody has done theirs.