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Full Version: Shoes and more shoes.
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I haven't posted in a while. So my boss and I were having a conversation and the subject of a former co worker of ours being a cross dresser came up. So I told her I too am a CD. We then were discussing shoes. She tells me she wears the same size as me and she will give me some shoes. I'm thinking one pair maybe two. No she arrives at work sends me a text message that she is pulling up in the parking lot. I open the back door of her car there is a trash bag full of shoe boxes. Some of these shoes have never been worn as there is still a tag inside the shoe. Another still had the tissue shoved in the toe. I have an outfit for every pair except the peep toe boots. What do you wear with a peep toe?
Hi! Your friend is very nice! Very cool! As far as the peep toe boots, they would be great with just some women’s jeans or leggings. I wear those all the time. Also, you would need to get your toe nails polished! So much fun! Have fun, Suzy
Great fortune to have so many lovely shoes gifted to you. I have a couple of pair of peep toes too, and they are great for warm weather wear, not quite as skimpy as sandals, but they show off your toes nicely. So like Suzy says, do your some polish on your toes.
Suzy and Amy I feel extremely fortunate to have my boss ok with my dressing at work and giving me a half dozen different shoes to wear. I matched an outfit to each pair. Except those peep toes. I figured leggings or jeans and as for my toes check the picture my toes are always painted. They are purple and sparkly right now. LOL
Yes, you do have polish on your toes, sorry! For those I'd agree jeans or leggings would likely be the best fit.