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Full Version: Lady in red
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This has become my favorite new dress. I think I posted a picture of this dress before. But when I didn't have red heels yet and I took the picture wearing white pantyhose. Well today I put on red thigh highs and my new red shoes. FaceApp gives me my hair. Which looks better? White or red. Or the other combo is white with black heels.
I like the white hose. To me much nicer. And please don’t take this wrong, I think you are very passable, but any thoughts to shaving your arms? That may also help your ventures in going public. I do, and it helps a lot! Hugs, Suzy
I think the white looks better against all the red too.
Suzy thank you. As for the shaving my arms if I ever truly want to get out in public I will definitely do a lot more clean up. 

To both of you I think I agree the white does look better. White with red shoes putting the black shoe on reminds me of mini mouse. LOL.