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Full Version: Piercings
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Hi all,

We got impulsive (and a little drunk) a while ago and got our nipples pierced.
How will that affect my ability to wear and enjoy wearing breast forms?

I'm told that if I use a nipple cover before attaching the breast form that I should be fine but I always welcome your opinions. 
Would a breastplate be better suited to my situation?

A nipple cover sounds like a good idea, because if you are gluing the forms on, you don't want to risk pulling out the piercings when you femove the forms!

I've never used a breatplate, basically because I worry about the persperation factor, so I can't really say. Although, since there is no glue involved, it would seem safer. I'd still use nipple covers though, to avoid damage to the breastplate.

Hope thats helpful. Smile

PS: Welcome to the Forum!