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Full Version: Helllo, I'm Karen Louise
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I was born in the midwest with LOTS of snow each year.  I have lived in the South since I was about 12.  Presently I live in Georgia.  I am retired.  I am married and have a couple of daughters with grandchildren.

I have pretty diverse tastes and fetishes.  I love satiny clothing, stockings, nylons, or panty-hose.  I love wearing heals - they re-define the leg lines to be much more feminine.  I love the slippery feel of a slip on panties beneath a skirt.  I love the feel of nylons on freshly shaved legs.  I love the feel of my breast forms under my top.

I consider myself bi.  When I dress, the bi curiosity ramps up to a much higher intensity.

I would love to be able to go out in public where I did not have to worry about someone seeing me or talking about "the guy in the dress".

Karen Louise Schuster

Welcome! You look great!

Alexis Smile
(06-30-2022, 02:10 PM)Alexis_Morgan Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome!  You look great! 

Alexis Smile

Thank you.
Welcome Karen, and yes I agree you look great.
Depending on your locale and situation there are various CD/TG social clubs in many areas. It was through one of these I was able to make to jump to being dressed in public. Alternatively if you could travel to a large city where there's a similar group or a place which is known to to be very accepting.
Look around and enjoy, there's some very nice girls here.
Welcome to the family Karen! I'm sure that you will make lots of friends here, and get some great advice as well.

Also, you look fabulous!