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Hello everyone. I am so happy to be apart of this forum. I am totally new this. I am a black male. I am interested in getting a custom corset. One that I can wear with the laces in front because I am unable to tie it myself if I were to wear it in the back. Do they make those where you can where them in the front?

Also, I have some personal questions this lifestyle that I would like to ask in private so feel free to direct message me.
Welcome to the forums, curious guy! I hope that you make a lot of friends and learn some things along the way!

As to corsets, there are many different versions, many tie in back, some have no ties. To the best of my knowledge, I know of none that tie in the front.

Welcome to the forum, Ms Curious Guy. I have heard of some places which will custom corsets, but right now I cannot think of them. If I can get any names I'll let you know.
As Jodie said, I've never seen any which lace in the front, though there are some which have hooks and zippers on the front or side.
Welcome to the forum curious Guy!!
Hello Welcome