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Full Version: Hello all, my name is Misty and I am new here to JC
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Hello all!

I am introducing myself as Misty and glad to have started my crossing into my real self that I've felt for a very long time! I have had these feelings of being in the wrong body or mis-gendered at birth or something since about 6 or 7. I have been privately dolling up for about 15 years, manly fishnets and make up and jewerly in private. I enjoy feeling femme inside, it makes me feel more alive, compassionate and at peace. I'm a smoker and enjoy smoking long 120's as Misty. I would like to come to MI from PA for a full transition appointment, I feel that would be a great next step. I will lean on you all for do's and don'ts. I've not stepped into public dressed, and probably won't until i have experienced the transition appointment...I am a little nervous but one day at a time!

Look forward to learning and growing here, thank you in advance!

Misty ;-)
Welcome to the forum Misty! Highly recommend the transformation at Janet’s, just went through it last month.
Cute butt!!!
Hello Welcome Misty  Heart
Welcome Misty! I have not been to Janet's but have heard many good things about their transformations.
Yes, very nice ass Misty!
Hi there misty
very sexy 
i used to smoke misty blue 120s but now vs gold 120s,,make me feel very sexy fem horny and sassy and classy