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Full Version: Hello looking for Tucking tips
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Greetings:  I have been dressing  for many many years  I am not passable nor will I every be  but that is OK.  I do enjoy going out to a GLBT bar in my area and meeting new friends.  Its hard to find others  that  enjoy the same  things as i do.  Yep  I am a sissy gurl  Barbie 
PLEASURE is all mine always xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
There are a few tucking tips on the 'net from gaffs to hold you tightly in place, and one product which is called "Unclockable" (search under that name) which is like a soft pad to protect those delicate parts, then a flesh coloured bandage to hold everything tight and pulled back.
I've used them and one can wear a bathing suit and have a nice smooth, feminine profile.