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Full Version: Out on the Town
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Hi Girls, I think it would be nice if all us girls shared the good, bad and the naughty places that we have been and or are going. Things to look for and watch out for, it is always fun to see one of our sisters when we are out and about.
XOXO, Kelli
Thanks Kelli for the topic.

I've been to GiGi's in Detroit and its been alot of fun. Park in the lot and give the parking lot attendant a $ tip, as he's there helping keep your night safe and drama free! Enjoy yourself, but watch your back as the crowd gets real interesting from about 11 until 2!

The aut/BAR in Ann Arbor is totally secluded and very much underground.You can easily park in the metered parking right behind the bar and in about 100 foot steps, be in the door. You can dine on the main floor, or go upstairs to the bar. It's a great place for great food and anything to drink you may desire. Small but welcoming, you can go there alone or with a date and NOT feel any judgement or ridicule. What a great place!


Hi Megan - could you tell me a bit more about the Aut Bar? Is it strictly a bar upstairs? Do they have dancing? I assume you can use the ladies room? Any more info on this place I would appreciate. I live fairly close to Ann Arbor so it would be very convenient for me.
Thanks a lot - Suzy
Thanks Suzy. The aut BAR has a 1st floor that consists of a great bar and about 10 tables where you can enjoy their menu and drinks. The single stall bathroom is a unisex bathroom... so, no worries there! The upstairs bar has music, a dance floor and a pool table. I'm not sure if there are 2 bathrooms upstairs. Both levels are quant but inviting and the wait staff is wonderful. There web site is <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.autbar.com">www.autbar.com</a><!-- w --> . Sunday brunch is incredible and runs until 4 p.m..


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Hello, Suzy ...

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