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Full Version: How to size high heels??
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Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the correct shoe size to order? I'm new to all of this and I'm interested in some nice pumps with 4 inch heels but I wear a men's 10.5 and can't figure out what women's size to order? What i've found out on this great site is if I were a size 10, I'd order a women's size 12 pump but what about my half size?


I normally just buy one full size larger than my male size. I.e., I wear a size 9 men shoe, so I buy size 10 ladies. This works for me for high heels, flats, sandals, etc. Sometime in a high heel I might opt for a wide version. Also, and I know this might be tough for some, but I usually try on a shoe at the store before I purchase.
Hope this helps - Suzy
If the toe section is pointed , I would say 12.5 . If you have a little space on your men's 10.5 or the toe section is flat ( not pointed ), then size 12 should fit based on my experience . I hope this helps you .
Thanks for your advice!
I have found that even though I wear a size 13 male shoe comfortably, I typically can order a female size 14 and in the LeDame I have ordered size thirteen, but have found that since I wear much thinner hose in womens shoes I have need to order in a size 12 in LaDame. I have had to order and return. Try them on right away and if they don't fit send them back for a more comfortable fit. Either way it is somewhat trial and error to get the right size.
Ok, thanks for the advice...
You can surf the Internet access to relevant data and information, and discuss with friends, maybe can help you, wish you good luck.

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