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Full Version: How'd you choose your name?
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I'm leaning towards Kelly Bancroft, sounds like the name of an Actress.

"Starring..... Kelly Bancroft" ..... Has a nice ring to it. Burkehardt sounds a little harsh, somehow.
thank you Jodie for the comments. You hit it on the head both times...Bancroft is inspired by the actress Anne Bancroft, who I feel I resemble just a bit, in one or two of my pics, if I squint and apply a lot of mental filtering.

And Burkhart...inspired by a tv character I have a crush on...Jackie Burkhart in That 70s Show, (played by Mila Kunis, a super adorable Ukrainian girl)...the Burkhart character is indeed a harsh loud bratty person Wink
You are definitely NOT harsh or bratty, Kelly.
not today anyway

Another Jackie?!? No way...Lol.
I thought of the perfect nickname that can apply to all of us; 'Butterfly'. We all came out of our cocoons. Smile
Wow I haven't even considered another name to go with my transformation yet. I love how each of you have given it such attention I suppose I should think one up but my mom gave me lots of names so my initials are jhash I don't think I should go that route.
Well it's good to have you with us. There's your second post. Keep em' coming! Smile
Hey Kelly! How about 'Kelly Fox'? Me likee! Wink Lol.
Adds Fox to the list...I am collecting ideas...

Kelly Fox
Kelly Bancroft
Kelly Burkhart
Kelly Trentmiller
Kelly Spicer

I feel I am still far from finding it...I don't have a focused feeling yet, I keep looking.
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