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Full Version: How'd you choose your name?
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Just curious on how we choose our "special" names. I chose my girl name to be "Cheri"....Over the years I've known

three females by that name ( or a variation) all three were /(still are?) absolute sluts....... <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->
Most people probably choose the feminine of their male names. I decided not to do that, but choose a name with the same initial. Plus, it's a name my mother would have given me if I was born a gg.
I did the same thing, although there is no name I could have made my true name out of, so picked a name with all of my initials...Everyone I know loves it, and the spelling.
I went with Samantha Glotz, a play on names going back to my youth, but also because of the mischievous manner of some Samantha's
I picked a name I've always loved. And if I was born a girl, I'd have this name. Rachael! But whatever you feel comfortable with. It's got to feel and sound right.
My fem name was born about 10 years ago when I was working a contract in Austin TX. I had been a closet CD for several decades already but had never been out. My first day in Austin was a Saturday and I found this little boutique that specialized in CD'ers, much like JC's. I was scared to enter but eventually did. I explained how and why I was there and was immediately 'adopted'. Because I was from out of town they knew that I would have lots of after work free time. I was encouraged to dress up and join them on nights out. Because I was excited to do so, I needed a name that suited me and that I would know to respond to. Somehow Nicole was suggested and it seemed to fit. I've been Nicole ever since.  Heart   Cool
I chose my Fem name as a derivative from my male name, not sure how I decided on it, it just came to me and I liked it so that's who I am, I am Rhonda and proud of it. Heart
Interesting thread!  

My process was a bit more nerdy (not sure if that's the right word).  I've been pondering the idea of transformation for at least two years already...and one thing I have thought is that, if I were to go so far as to change my name and get new identity cards and SSA card and the whole deal...AND THEN some time beyond that decide that a full transformation is not for me and to revert back to a male identity, I'd want to have a name that could still work, so I wouldn't have to do a name change again.  

I know...crazy amount of speculative planning and fortune telling going on in my thinking process, but that's how I go and that's what I did.  Kelly would work for either gender.  For the record...I am nowhere near actually filing for a name change. My transformation, such as it is, remains mostly on paper, just a dream waiting for courage and determination to go forward.  (it took a long l o n g  L O N G time for me to work up the nerve to simply park my vehicle in front of Janet's, let alone go inside.)  

But this has been simmering inside me for so long and I am thinking I am ready to take real steps to explore it for real.

Incidentally, many years ago my Mom told me that if I had been born a girl my name would have been Lynette, and I did consider that.  

(I am hoping this makes sense...I am the queen of irrelevant tangents and rambles and have trouble keeping on point)

[edit] I forgot to mention, I have a large list of androgynous names, I focused on names that were common and popular in the 60s, when Kelly would have been born, and I settled on Kelly because I just feel comfy with Kelly.
I chose my nomme du femme by taking the first syllable of my first name (joe) and the first initial of my last name (D), to get Jodie. Plus, a lot of my friends always call Joe D, because there a few Joe's in our crowd.

I added the Lynne part to soften the name, and because my father used to love listening to the singer Loretta Lynne.
I adore the way Kelly thinks! Lol. We're alike in many ways. My name just came to me and I also have a last name. I was always called J E by close friends back in the day so Jacqueline von Eisenbach was born. The name also reflects my German background in it and my love for Richard Wagner's opera Tannhauser in which is the character Wolfram von Eisenbach. (It's a musician thing.) I can ramble and go on tangents too...Lol.
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