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first post - Kelly - 07-30-2016

Hello everyone!

I had a big day, after months of trying to conquer my shyness and nervousness, I got in the door of Janet's and had a transformation.  Wow, the result was beyond my expectations, so I am VERY GLAD I took the plunge.  Of course I have lots of work to do before I get totally over my trepidations...but wow it's like a weight lifted off me. I wish I could recall the name of the sweet darling who worked on me, she did an AMAZING job.  Well, my foot's in the door, so to speak. I'm excited to learn more about the community and life.

Brief bio:  Mid 50s, slow to discern my inner truth, simmering for years with gradual realization of who I might actually be (hindsight recollections from way back in my youth prove that this has always been inside me)...now finally ready to DO SOMETHING about it.  Seems there ought to be more to say, but I am ready to just post this as it is and move on to the other forum areas.


RE: first post - prettypaigemarie - 07-30-2016

Congrats. It was probably roxy

RE: first post - Kelly - 07-31-2016

Thank you everyone commenting so far, this is a lovely community and I am glad to be here.  Now I am going to get impulsive and post a pic....even though I don't have my "look" worked out yet.  This is from yesterday at JC after the lovely artist finished with me...

RE: first post - Kelly - 08-01-2016

Thanks Colleen (your comments are truly flattering!) I had the same thought about the bling, and was wanting to get out into the world rightaway...if I had nails, if I had some blingies, if I had somewhere to go...and someone to take the lead (and protect me) Smile Baby steps, Kell, baby steps...

RE: first post - JodieLynne - 08-01-2016

Bravo for you, Kelly! Great pic, and I love the shoes (I think I have the same ones).

RE: first post - Jackieve57 - 08-02-2016

Welcome Kelly. You look fantastic! I hope we'll hear more from you in the near future. I'm glad you're gaining confidence in yourself. Let 'her' out!

RE: first post - Kelly - 08-02-2016

Thank you Jackie and JodieLynne!

RE: first post - Kelly - 09-04-2016

Update to my journey: I found a lovely person nearby who thinks and feels as I do (as we all do in here). I met up with her and did makeup together, she sat next to me and did hers, and guided me with mine. She really is a godsend to me, now I feel much more confident on how to do my face! (thank you secret friend!)

I've been trying to upload an image of the result, but am struggling to get upload to work. Fingers crossed it will work this time...

[edit: nope upload still failed. Anyway the room was getting hot and I took off my wig, and wow I found I still looked pretty feminine, though in a tough, dare I say dykish, way! I am tempted to think I could go out just as - is, with my short hair and no wig...and pass as a tough bi*ch. Wink) I feel much much closer to being ready to go out into the world as myself now. ]

RE: first post - JodieLynne - 09-04-2016

Kelly I'm positive that you will look lovely, with or without your wig. You have the confidence to pull it off.

RE: first post - Kelly - 09-05-2016

Wow JodieLynne what a lovely thing you said, thank you! Heart