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Covering up those pesky whiskers - Josie - 12-13-2016

Hi Girls,
The thing that gives me the most pause about going out as Josie is covering my whiskers above my lip and on my chin. I don't have a heavy beard at all (I can't grow a respectable mustache) but the whiskers I have are coarse and dark. I saw something that suggested these steps;
1) Shave and apply moisturizer particularly above the lip
2) Apply foundation (I use a powder foundation)
3) Apply orange lipstick over the beard area and blend it in. This is primarily above the lip and the chin area.
4) Apply another layer of foundation/powder and blend it in.
I also use a bit of concealer before applying the orange lipstick. It looks okay but if someone was up close they could still make out the presence of my whiskers.
Any suggestions or advice on a process that works well?

RE: Covering up those pesky whiskers - Aubri - 04-03-2018

Using a cream based foundation blends in the whiskers a lot better than just using a powder. It also blends way easier with your neutralizing color (your orange lipstick.) Once you add your first layer of foundation, add your orange and blend, follow it up with one more layer of foundation and seal the deal with some powder. Sometimes, if the whiskers are a little thick, taking some powder in between layers helps seal everything for a smoother finish.

I hope this helps!

RE: Covering up those pesky whiskers - pvalley - 03-29-2019

Something else that might help is what your using to shave with? I've found out that I have very thick wiskers so what I need to do is use A DE Safety Razor loaded with A Personna Med Prep blade Peraso pre-shave and Peraso shave cream a great begginers Razor is the Merkur 34C

RE: Covering up those pesky whiskers - Jaycee Rice - 08-04-2023

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