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make up removal - Cheri - 11-12-2014

First of all..Thank You Janet for the great how to videos for make up, hair etc. You're so patient and professional with us, it's greatly appreciated!

One thing a girl like myself can definitly use would be a video on how to completely remove all the make up..eye lashes etc. without a trace. Love ya, Cheri xo

RE: make up removal - CynthiaX - 09-11-2017

I too have wondered about this. Soap and water don't seem to work. I have used cold cream long ago but it seems to greasy. I think there are more ways to remove make-up nowadays but have not investigated any.

What do you use?

RE: make up removal - Toni G. - 09-12-2017

There are a lot of diff products for this I have some "Deep cleansing Towelettes" that I found at wallmart. If you look at sites like Sally Beauty and others-there are wipes,cremes,and face-wash products. Of course-the less you pile on the easier it is to remove Smile Good luck. And be sure whether or not you used the "waterproof" stuff-as that is more difficult to remove. Blessings.. Toni G.

RE: make up removal - Jenna AZ - 12-11-2017

Beside what is show here.Try using baby oil and a cotton pad is does a good job. There are many other products on the market. Some may or may not work with the makeup you use. Jenna